Friday, September 25, 2009

It's all about volume!!!

So I have been searching for a product to help keep the shape and mostly the volume in my hair. I have a ton of hair but it is fine and limp and well it refuses to keep any kind of shape!!! I can backcomb it and I swear in less than 30 minutes it's flat! I have tried many root mouses, serums, shampoo's etc to try and help with my issue with well... not a lot of success. However, I do think I have found "THE" product and it works for me and I think it will work for everyone! I love it and I'm obsessed with it!

Schwartzkopf OSiS Dust It Mattifying Powder

This product is AMAZING! You use it like any other root-lifiting product but, instead of using it when wet you use it when your hair is dry. When your ready to style, for extra root volume just apply directly to the root area, I kind of rub it in, then backcomb until desired height, then smooth. Now you can feel this product but it's a powder so it helps reduce oil not help create like other root lifting products. So I really think this is a win/win you get volume while controlling oil! (Another reason I fell in love, I have a lot of oil issues). Another great thing about this product is if throughout the day if you feel your hair is kind of starting to look flat you can go back through and backcomb your hair and you can feel where the product is and it works as if you just applied it.

I went onto Schwartzkopf's website and they gave a few other idea's for this product:
For a textured matt finished look:
1.Sprinkle a small amount of powder into palms and rub together.
2.Rake through dry hair and lift into style for a matt finish and natural touch.

*For extra root volume apply directly to the roots.
*For extra line separation apply more powder in small amounts where needed.

Now this product is only available to get through your stylist or through a salon but I do highly suggest getting this product I really think it is the best thing out there!

I just wanted to suggest a few combs for back combing.
The Waa Laa Comb and the picture makes it a little hard to see but there are 4 sets of teeth on this comb making the backcombing 4 times faster and I also think when I use a comb like this vs. a regular comb I get a little more extra volume because of the extra teeth. This comb does have to be purchased @ a professional beauty supply store which for an item like this most of the time anyone can go pick up as long as it's a store that allows the public. I believe this comb ranges from $12.00-$15.00.Here's another comb that is useful for backcombing this is more for smaller areas or those with short hair. My mom has a really short haircut but she LOVES her hair to have volume and she wasn't really getting a lot of volume out of a regular comb, and the Waa Laa comb was a little too big. I was @ the beauty supply store one day and saw a comb really similar to this and bought one for her and she really likes it, she says it works really well for her hair. I believe I found this @ Sally's Beauty Supply and I think it was around $2.00.

The last comb I wanted to share is this one it is similar to the Waa Laa with 4 rows of teeth but the teeth are shorter and I like to use this one just as much as I like to use the Waa Laa. You can get really close to the root with this one. This one can be found @ Sally's. This one is a lot cheaper it's only about $2.00 so if your wanting to maybe try a comb like this and your not sure if you would like this I would try this one.

Hope you all have good luck getting volume and remember to smooth out after backcombing the shelf is never a good look :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recycling does pay off!

What do you think of when recycling? Paper, plastic, etc. Well there is one recycling program I am in LOVE with! This program is probly not for everyone but I have to share it because I think it is AWESOME! I am a HUGE makeup lover and I love MAC makeup. If you collect 6 empty containers like pictured below:

You get a free lipstick!
So just for saving your empty makeup containers you get a free lipstick! So it's awesome if you use up a whole shadow, powder, or bronzer but what about the one's that you accidently drop on the floor and loose all the product, with this you get something in return for the empty container. I don't know I love this and I have 4 containers now and can't wait for 2 more empty containers to get another lipstick. So if your someone who uses MAC and didn't know about this program start saving your containers!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Silk Results

This is Silk Results made by Joico... if you can get your hands on some of this get some.
This product is the product I have been looking for all my life it is exactly what it says: silk results. It helps straighten the hair leaving it soft, silky, and extra shiny. I have tried a lot of products for this exact purpose: creams, oil types etc. and they have all weighed my hair down and eventually leaving it looking more oily than I would like and need if you know what I mean! This product however does not do that, it makes your hair look beautiful and you can't even tell you've put a product in your hair. I love it too, because it's a spray so there's no need to get your hands messy in any creams or oily which seems to never wash off.

This product is very diverse!
You can spray all over when wet to protect your hair from the heat of the blow dryer.
If you are someone who straightens your hair with the blow dryer I would definitely recommend spraying in while wet for extra protection, and then if you want you can spray in each section while damp while you straighten. For someone who straightens with the straighter you can also spray some in while the hair is wet just to help protect the hair from the heat of the blow dryer. Just keep in mind you don't need a ton just a few spritz all over the head. Once dry section your hair off and you can spray each section as you straighten.
You can also use this when styling your hair so if you are going to curl your hair you can spray this product on the section of hair before you curl it to help keep the hair in place.
Really there is not a lot of rules to this product once you get it you can play around with it and see how you like it. One thing to keep in mind, while applying while dry don't drench the hair as you don't want to burn your hair off, you still just want to spritz on the sections as your straightening.

This really is a great product to help straighten your hair and the best part is it makes your hair look shiny. Joico does have a full line of Silk Results products however, I have not used the full line I have only used this spray but if you have any questions on any other products in the line I have had some education on them and I am willing to do the research on the products if you would like more information.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

3 CD'S To Condsider

There really is a lot of good music out and still to come and I do not know how I can take it all in!!! I seriously love music and want to have it all! So... this week I have a few CD's that I think are definatly worth a listen to.

First up:

Now I know what your thinking... Whitney has a new CD??? Because this is the reaction I have gotten from many people I have told about this new CD. It is actually pretty good. She still can sing... now maybe I like it because I have always liked her... this woman can sing her voice is so powerful. My favorites songs on the album are:
#1- Million Dollar Bill and #7- I Din't Know My Own Strenth
So if you like Whitney Houston this is a good album to check out for sure, as always you can preview sections of each song on Itunes and if you go to:, you can sample to CD.

Next on the list:
Now these guys I have had a single for a while and saw they had a CD come out this week so... I thought it came out this week however the release date said it came out in 2008. So I don't know when it actually came out but... I love the single I have and was excited to see they have a CD. When I first heard about them I heard one of their songs on a movie or tv show.
This album is AWESOME!!! It is just fun loving get in the car roll down the windows and dance fun!!! Seriously, yesterday I was so not in the mood to go to class and I was dead tired and I had just purchased this which I was really excited about so I thought I'm going to listen to them and seriously in a matter of seconds I was cheery and felt happy! I was bobbing my head and just felt ready to go for the day... too bad I can't listen to my Ipod in class I definatly needed them to keep me going through my classes. I can't pick just one or two songs that I like I seriously LOVE the whole album and I am so happy I got it! So... really if you want a CD that will make you feel happy get this one.
You can of course sample the songs on Itunes or go to:

Last but not least:
Miss Ingrid Michaelson is one of my favorite artist's seriously!!! Her voice is stunning, the background music is beautiful, her lyrics are catchy, clever and meaningful! Once you listen to her you do not want to stop!!! She has several albums out: Slow Rain, Girls and Boys, Be Ok, and now this one Everybody. If you have not had a chance of experiencing her greatness you are missing out!!! I found Ingrid on Myspace and I listened to "The Way I AM" and I was obsessed with her after that. I remember a little while after I found her that exact song was on an Old Navy winter commercial then other people started to like her. (That was just a side note) Ingrid's songs are used in a lot of TV show's such as Grey's Anatomy, and commericials.
She really is a great artist and all of her CD's are truly GREAT!!!
So... you should go buy this one for sure without hesitation you will not be disappointed!
As always you can sample the songs on Itunes or go to to sample 3 songs you can also go to

I hope you all enjoy these... music is the happiness to my soul.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Glitter Toes!!!

I am OBSESSED with glitter toes they are the best thing I have ever been introduced to!!! So what it is, it a gel based nail polish basically to put it in simple terms. They put a gel on your toe nails and you select your glitter of choice they pat that over the gel and tap it off, then they place your toes in a warming light to harden the gel they then place another type of gel to keep the glitter in place, the toes are then placed in the warming light again to harden then they do the finishing touches such as: file if needed, buffing, and top polish. And then you have:

The best part is this should last 5-9 weeks depending on the person obviously based on how fast your toes grow etc. But your toes look AMAZING they are so hard to not look at and it is really hard to chip or break. Plus, it is just as thin as fingernail polish so your hardly notice the gel on your toenails. This has been around for atleast 2 years but is currently the gotten HUGE and noticed as the BEST thing EVER!!! It is a fairly reasonable priced service if you choose to not get a pedicure with it and I have even heard of glitter toes parties which is awesome! So, seriously if you want toes you LOVE and can't stop looking at find somewhere near you who can do this service for you and get it done. You will not be able to stop checking out your feet :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Best Makeup Remover EVER!!!

These things are the BEST!!! I have tried a lot of things for makeup removal and I mean a lot and these are the best hands down! They do not sting my eyes, they do not require a lot of "elbow grease" (as my mom would say), they do not require you to get them wet before you use them, they are not very soapy, they do not have hard, sandy, gritty bits on them, and they do not leave my face feeling oily. They really just do the job of removing makeup and dirt without making my face feel gross and stinging my eyes the second it touches them. And as long as you seal the bag closed the wipes stay as moist as you need them and even when they are a little dried out they still do the job. So if you have not been able to find something that just does the job and if your lazy like me and like to sit in bed at night and watch tv and remove your makeup at the same time these are the things for you seriously you don't even need a mirror you can just move the wipe around your face and keep wiping until there is no sign of makeup and dirt! So go out and buy some TODAY!

So sorry!

Sorry I have been MIA! The last part of my semester at school kept me pretty busy then on my week off I was moving so... I have not been able to keep up on the blog so I do apologize but I will try to do better!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Love a good find...

Now I know last week my blog was on music but I found a new great artist this week that everyone needs to listen to or atleast hear and give her a try. Now this may sound crazy but I think she kinda has a Colbie Calliet,Corrine Bailey Rae with a little Adele thrown in there kind of sound. She has a sweet soulful voice that is easy to listen to. I seriously could hit repeat on the entire CD. If you like GREAT music get this album. You can sample the songs on iTunes, or you can hear 3 of the songs on
Hope you all love her as much as I do :)

Monday, March 23, 2009


Ok, so I have a bit of an obsession with music and I love to share my love of music with anyone who will listen :) I like to spot out the up and coming artists or support those I already like who have new albums that come out.
For those of you who like Kelly Clarkson this new CD is AWESOME!!! My BFF burned me a copy 2 weeks ago and has been in my car on repeat ever since. I really like every song on the album but my favorite song is "I want You" this song seriously just makes me want to dance and it makes me in a great mood every time I listen to it, I could listen to it over and over again. This CD is a great and if you haven't had a chance to hear it or if your not sure if you want to add it to your collection you can sample the songs on Itunes or at:
I really don't think you will be disappointed! Enjoy!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Headband

I feel every girl should have at least one headband this is one of my favorite hair accessories!!! If I do my hair down and want to maybe wear my bangs out of my eyes I can comb my hair back and slip the headband in and it will keep the hair back and out of my eyes. It also works great when I am in a hurry to just throw into my ponytail to dress it up a bit. It's also just fun for decoration, your hair is an accessory... so dress it up sometimes and a headband is the best way to do so! I think a black headband is best really because it goes with more items in my closet, but you can go with one with color to spice up your outfits or get one with some jewels for fun. Get two if you want a black one for everyday use and one with color for when you feel like spicing things up.
If you don't have one go get one!!! You will LOVE it!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Few of my Favorite Things...

Hey I'm just a girly girl with a lot of love and passion for a lot of things in life. With this blog I would love to share those things with you (i.e. music, makeup, haircare etc.) I won't be able to post on a daily basis but I am hoping to post on a weekly basis with some of my favorite things in life it may be random but I couldn't settle on one subject to blog about so each week will be dedicated to one particular subject instead. Stay tuned...