Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recycling does pay off!

What do you think of when recycling? Paper, plastic, etc. Well there is one recycling program I am in LOVE with! This program is probly not for everyone but I have to share it because I think it is AWESOME! I am a HUGE makeup lover and I love MAC makeup. If you collect 6 empty containers like pictured below:

You get a free lipstick!
So just for saving your empty makeup containers you get a free lipstick! So it's awesome if you use up a whole shadow, powder, or bronzer but what about the one's that you accidently drop on the floor and loose all the product, with this you get something in return for the empty container. I don't know I love this and I have 4 containers now and can't wait for 2 more empty containers to get another lipstick. So if your someone who uses MAC and didn't know about this program start saving your containers!

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