Monday, May 18, 2009

Best Makeup Remover EVER!!!

These things are the BEST!!! I have tried a lot of things for makeup removal and I mean a lot and these are the best hands down! They do not sting my eyes, they do not require a lot of "elbow grease" (as my mom would say), they do not require you to get them wet before you use them, they are not very soapy, they do not have hard, sandy, gritty bits on them, and they do not leave my face feeling oily. They really just do the job of removing makeup and dirt without making my face feel gross and stinging my eyes the second it touches them. And as long as you seal the bag closed the wipes stay as moist as you need them and even when they are a little dried out they still do the job. So if you have not been able to find something that just does the job and if your lazy like me and like to sit in bed at night and watch tv and remove your makeup at the same time these are the things for you seriously you don't even need a mirror you can just move the wipe around your face and keep wiping until there is no sign of makeup and dirt! So go out and buy some TODAY!

So sorry!

Sorry I have been MIA! The last part of my semester at school kept me pretty busy then on my week off I was moving so... I have not been able to keep up on the blog so I do apologize but I will try to do better!!!