Thursday, August 27, 2009

Glitter Toes!!!

I am OBSESSED with glitter toes they are the best thing I have ever been introduced to!!! So what it is, it a gel based nail polish basically to put it in simple terms. They put a gel on your toe nails and you select your glitter of choice they pat that over the gel and tap it off, then they place your toes in a warming light to harden the gel they then place another type of gel to keep the glitter in place, the toes are then placed in the warming light again to harden then they do the finishing touches such as: file if needed, buffing, and top polish. And then you have:

The best part is this should last 5-9 weeks depending on the person obviously based on how fast your toes grow etc. But your toes look AMAZING they are so hard to not look at and it is really hard to chip or break. Plus, it is just as thin as fingernail polish so your hardly notice the gel on your toenails. This has been around for atleast 2 years but is currently the gotten HUGE and noticed as the BEST thing EVER!!! It is a fairly reasonable priced service if you choose to not get a pedicure with it and I have even heard of glitter toes parties which is awesome! So, seriously if you want toes you LOVE and can't stop looking at find somewhere near you who can do this service for you and get it done. You will not be able to stop checking out your feet :)