Sunday, November 28, 2010

Loving Nude!

I LOVE when I find the perfect shade of lipstick or gloss you know the kind that goes with your favorite eyeshadow or blush. However, there are times you want to be neutral and natural and let's face it nude is in and I have been searching for my nude with no luck! But... I finally found it and I love being NUDE :)
It's from NARS and it's called Little Darling (I love the name)
I actually think this is the first lipstick I have purchased by NARS I have several lip glosses but no lipstick and I am in L-O-V-E!!!! The texture is great and it sort of has a citrusy scent so no gross taste for being a lipstick!

This is swatch of what it looks like and it actually does look more nude on the lips. It is a really great color!

Oh and just an FYI on this particular color if you want this one it is from their holiday collection so... it probably is limited everytime I find something I LOVE it's limited so... if you want this one you better go get it!

Now for some music:

Rihanna's new CD LOUD is out and it is FAB!!! I love every single song I seriously can't pick one song to choose as a favorite because I love the whole thing!!! Take a listen to this upbeat CD!

Harper Blynn last post I shared a video of these guys since then I have purchased this CD this band is so so so GOOD! Again I love the whole CD so just buy it :)

I went and saw this movie a bit cheesy but the music, makeup, hair, and clothes FAB!
The music especially was SO good I went right out and bought the soundtrack! I have been listening to it ever since, so even if the movie is not for you the music is!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mr. Greg Laswell

Friday I saw Greg Laswell and it was so fun! I have seen him once before but he was the opening act and this time he was the star of the show and I don't know if being the star of the show made it better but it was SO GOOD! But he also seemed to be so much more cheery and witty :) He sang all the songs I hoped he sing and more.
He really is such a great artist he plays the piano, guitar, and his voice is heaven!!!
There were some opening acts some good some HORRIBLE!
The first was Dustin Christensen he played the guitar well and had a great voice but so not entertaining :)
The second was this HORRIBLE band called the Yarrow I mean they were terrible everything from the singing to the dancing.
The third was WONDERFUL and made enduring the first two OK because I love discovering new music and you can tell they love what they do and they really got me excited for Greg to come out!!! They were called Harper Blynn and look and them...

They really were a lot of fun to listen too and I basically loved all of their songs I bought one of their Cd's it only has 5 songs on it but... I've been listening to it over and over.
I am so glad I found this... they covered Beyonce's Halo and it was AWESOME!

I had a fun night with friends and wonderful music!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I have an OBSESSION with nail polish when I buy one I generally will buy two because I can't decide what color to buy :) Whenever I go to the beauty supply it is rare I leave the store without a new polish color! My 2 new colors are FAB and I thought I would share.

First up Rising Star by OPI and I think it's the perfect color for November and your Thanksgiving Feast! I think it's the perfect orange and it has little specks of gold just the perfect touch! I think this is the perfect color for the holiday! I haven't worn this yet I'm waiting to wear it closer to Thanksgiving but... I'm really excited for it!

Next is Sparkle-Icious also from OPI I was drawn to this because well... I love sparkle and glitter and it was the whole package: Glitter, Colorful, and FUN!
This is from a collection they made based off the movie Burlesque so... no wonder there is so much glitz and glam. They had so many other great colors in the collection I am so tempted to go back for more, and I probably will :)
I just put this on tonight and I LOVE it a lot!!! 1 coat there was a little sparkle, 2 coats more sparkle, 3 coats was the perfect amount of sparkle for me :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grace Kelly

The other night was Girls Night... we kept it low and went to dinner then watched a movie. The girls said we should watch Rear Window with Grace Kelly. Now I LOVE Grace Kelly but had no idea what Rear Window is, it was pretty good. There was a lot of chatter throughout the movie because we are girls so... it's hard to just watch the movie especially with a beauty like this:

Look at her porcelain skin, her perfect shaped lips, nose, awesome bone structure... I could go on and on. Seriously she is a DREAM! She is a classic beauty and her style umm... well it's the BEST!!!

Check out just a few of these dresses from the movie... one cannot resist stopping to talk about how beautiful they are!!!

I love this print and the classic pearl necklace but most of all check out the bag she is holding it is BEAUTIFUL I love love love it!!!

I love this dress the V-Neck top and the belt to accentuate her waist are perfect and I think it's the perfect simple black dress.

Last but not least...

This dress is just FAB that's all and the bracelet ohh... I am in love!!! I really don't know what else to say :)

I know everyone is not into older movies but Disturbia is a re-make of this movie so that may peak your interest and even if you don't watch it to watch it the clothes, and hair are so fun!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Blow

Check this band out...

I heard this song while listening to Pandora and fell in LOVE!!! They are called The Blow this song is called True Affection. Not sure what's up with the music video but who cares hehe! I have listened to a few of their other songs they are FAB!!!

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Eye Lash Extensions

I have been wanting to get eye lash extensions for about a year now and finally I found the right place the right extentionist and I had the cash to do it. I was so excited when I could finally do it!!! There are so many places to get them done and so many different prices that it makes it so hard to decide where to go but... I know I made the right decision.
Here are my before pictures:

Now I know I have somewhat long lashes already but for me when doing makeup applying mascara is what takes me the longest so really I just want to take that step away completely and that's what the lash extensions do.
When I reviewed what I wanted I told her I wanted them to still be pretty natural, I have a pretty almond shaped eye already so she was going to just go with that shape just bulk it up, and add some length so I won't have to apply mascara.
She said she used Large and Extra Large lashes.

Here is the after:

Where I went they charge $99-$200 for your first set and the range is depending on how dramatic you want you lashes. A fill would be $50.00. You need them filled every 2-4 weeks depending on your natural lashes and how often they fall out.

This Saturday I will have them 4 weeks and I am actually surprised by how good they still look!!! I do think I will get them filled in the next week.

This was something I really have been wanting and this is something that is well worth the money... it really has cut my time in half getting ready in the morning and on top of that when running late all you need to worry about is your face because your eyes look ready already it's awesome!
The maintenance is something I was a little bit worried about but... really it's not bad you just have to keep them free of oils, you can wear makeup as normal but when you remove it you wash around them, you brush them with just a clean mascara wand.
If you are interested in them at all or aren't sure if you could stand them maybe try wearing fake lashes... now they are completely different but... you can see and feel what it would be like!!!