Saturday, September 5, 2009

3 CD'S To Condsider

There really is a lot of good music out and still to come and I do not know how I can take it all in!!! I seriously love music and want to have it all! So... this week I have a few CD's that I think are definatly worth a listen to.

First up:

Now I know what your thinking... Whitney has a new CD??? Because this is the reaction I have gotten from many people I have told about this new CD. It is actually pretty good. She still can sing... now maybe I like it because I have always liked her... this woman can sing her voice is so powerful. My favorites songs on the album are:
#1- Million Dollar Bill and #7- I Din't Know My Own Strenth
So if you like Whitney Houston this is a good album to check out for sure, as always you can preview sections of each song on Itunes and if you go to:, you can sample to CD.

Next on the list:
Now these guys I have had a single for a while and saw they had a CD come out this week so... I thought it came out this week however the release date said it came out in 2008. So I don't know when it actually came out but... I love the single I have and was excited to see they have a CD. When I first heard about them I heard one of their songs on a movie or tv show.
This album is AWESOME!!! It is just fun loving get in the car roll down the windows and dance fun!!! Seriously, yesterday I was so not in the mood to go to class and I was dead tired and I had just purchased this which I was really excited about so I thought I'm going to listen to them and seriously in a matter of seconds I was cheery and felt happy! I was bobbing my head and just felt ready to go for the day... too bad I can't listen to my Ipod in class I definatly needed them to keep me going through my classes. I can't pick just one or two songs that I like I seriously LOVE the whole album and I am so happy I got it! So... really if you want a CD that will make you feel happy get this one.
You can of course sample the songs on Itunes or go to:

Last but not least:
Miss Ingrid Michaelson is one of my favorite artist's seriously!!! Her voice is stunning, the background music is beautiful, her lyrics are catchy, clever and meaningful! Once you listen to her you do not want to stop!!! She has several albums out: Slow Rain, Girls and Boys, Be Ok, and now this one Everybody. If you have not had a chance of experiencing her greatness you are missing out!!! I found Ingrid on Myspace and I listened to "The Way I AM" and I was obsessed with her after that. I remember a little while after I found her that exact song was on an Old Navy winter commercial then other people started to like her. (That was just a side note) Ingrid's songs are used in a lot of TV show's such as Grey's Anatomy, and commericials.
She really is a great artist and all of her CD's are truly GREAT!!!
So... you should go buy this one for sure without hesitation you will not be disappointed!
As always you can sample the songs on Itunes or go to to sample 3 songs you can also go to

I hope you all enjoy these... music is the happiness to my soul.

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  1. YAY!!! I am sooo excited for whit, and the love willows! I am so glad I have a friend who keeps me up on the trendy music.