Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Headband

I feel every girl should have at least one headband this is one of my favorite hair accessories!!! If I do my hair down and want to maybe wear my bangs out of my eyes I can comb my hair back and slip the headband in and it will keep the hair back and out of my eyes. It also works great when I am in a hurry to just throw into my ponytail to dress it up a bit. It's also just fun for decoration, your hair is an accessory... so dress it up sometimes and a headband is the best way to do so! I think a black headband is best really because it goes with more items in my closet, but you can go with one with color to spice up your outfits or get one with some jewels for fun. Get two if you want a black one for everyday use and one with color for when you feel like spicing things up.
If you don't have one go get one!!! You will LOVE it!!!

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