Friday, September 25, 2009

It's all about volume!!!

So I have been searching for a product to help keep the shape and mostly the volume in my hair. I have a ton of hair but it is fine and limp and well it refuses to keep any kind of shape!!! I can backcomb it and I swear in less than 30 minutes it's flat! I have tried many root mouses, serums, shampoo's etc to try and help with my issue with well... not a lot of success. However, I do think I have found "THE" product and it works for me and I think it will work for everyone! I love it and I'm obsessed with it!

Schwartzkopf OSiS Dust It Mattifying Powder

This product is AMAZING! You use it like any other root-lifiting product but, instead of using it when wet you use it when your hair is dry. When your ready to style, for extra root volume just apply directly to the root area, I kind of rub it in, then backcomb until desired height, then smooth. Now you can feel this product but it's a powder so it helps reduce oil not help create like other root lifting products. So I really think this is a win/win you get volume while controlling oil! (Another reason I fell in love, I have a lot of oil issues). Another great thing about this product is if throughout the day if you feel your hair is kind of starting to look flat you can go back through and backcomb your hair and you can feel where the product is and it works as if you just applied it.

I went onto Schwartzkopf's website and they gave a few other idea's for this product:
For a textured matt finished look:
1.Sprinkle a small amount of powder into palms and rub together.
2.Rake through dry hair and lift into style for a matt finish and natural touch.

*For extra root volume apply directly to the roots.
*For extra line separation apply more powder in small amounts where needed.

Now this product is only available to get through your stylist or through a salon but I do highly suggest getting this product I really think it is the best thing out there!

I just wanted to suggest a few combs for back combing.
The Waa Laa Comb and the picture makes it a little hard to see but there are 4 sets of teeth on this comb making the backcombing 4 times faster and I also think when I use a comb like this vs. a regular comb I get a little more extra volume because of the extra teeth. This comb does have to be purchased @ a professional beauty supply store which for an item like this most of the time anyone can go pick up as long as it's a store that allows the public. I believe this comb ranges from $12.00-$15.00.Here's another comb that is useful for backcombing this is more for smaller areas or those with short hair. My mom has a really short haircut but she LOVES her hair to have volume and she wasn't really getting a lot of volume out of a regular comb, and the Waa Laa comb was a little too big. I was @ the beauty supply store one day and saw a comb really similar to this and bought one for her and she really likes it, she says it works really well for her hair. I believe I found this @ Sally's Beauty Supply and I think it was around $2.00.

The last comb I wanted to share is this one it is similar to the Waa Laa with 4 rows of teeth but the teeth are shorter and I like to use this one just as much as I like to use the Waa Laa. You can get really close to the root with this one. This one can be found @ Sally's. This one is a lot cheaper it's only about $2.00 so if your wanting to maybe try a comb like this and your not sure if you would like this I would try this one.

Hope you all have good luck getting volume and remember to smooth out after backcombing the shelf is never a good look :)

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  1. Very cool. Is the powder stuff expensive? It looks like it! But I am mostly excited about degreasing my hair! ha!