Sunday, November 28, 2010

Loving Nude!

I LOVE when I find the perfect shade of lipstick or gloss you know the kind that goes with your favorite eyeshadow or blush. However, there are times you want to be neutral and natural and let's face it nude is in and I have been searching for my nude with no luck! But... I finally found it and I love being NUDE :)
It's from NARS and it's called Little Darling (I love the name)
I actually think this is the first lipstick I have purchased by NARS I have several lip glosses but no lipstick and I am in L-O-V-E!!!! The texture is great and it sort of has a citrusy scent so no gross taste for being a lipstick!

This is swatch of what it looks like and it actually does look more nude on the lips. It is a really great color!

Oh and just an FYI on this particular color if you want this one it is from their holiday collection so... it probably is limited everytime I find something I LOVE it's limited so... if you want this one you better go get it!

Now for some music:

Rihanna's new CD LOUD is out and it is FAB!!! I love every single song I seriously can't pick one song to choose as a favorite because I love the whole thing!!! Take a listen to this upbeat CD!

Harper Blynn last post I shared a video of these guys since then I have purchased this CD this band is so so so GOOD! Again I love the whole CD so just buy it :)

I went and saw this movie a bit cheesy but the music, makeup, hair, and clothes FAB!
The music especially was SO good I went right out and bought the soundtrack! I have been listening to it ever since, so even if the movie is not for you the music is!!!

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