Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grace Kelly

The other night was Girls Night... we kept it low and went to dinner then watched a movie. The girls said we should watch Rear Window with Grace Kelly. Now I LOVE Grace Kelly but had no idea what Rear Window is, it was pretty good. There was a lot of chatter throughout the movie because we are girls so... it's hard to just watch the movie especially with a beauty like this:

Look at her porcelain skin, her perfect shaped lips, nose, awesome bone structure... I could go on and on. Seriously she is a DREAM! She is a classic beauty and her style umm... well it's the BEST!!!

Check out just a few of these dresses from the movie... one cannot resist stopping to talk about how beautiful they are!!!

I love this print and the classic pearl necklace but most of all check out the bag she is holding it is BEAUTIFUL I love love love it!!!

I love this dress the V-Neck top and the belt to accentuate her waist are perfect and I think it's the perfect simple black dress.

Last but not least...

This dress is just FAB that's all and the bracelet ohh... I am in love!!! I really don't know what else to say :)

I know everyone is not into older movies but Disturbia is a re-make of this movie so that may peak your interest and even if you don't watch it to watch it the clothes, and hair are so fun!!!

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