Monday, August 30, 2010

Favorites of the Day!

So... I decided that on Monday's I am going to post my latest obsessions! I am always excited about something I have: read, listened to, tried, or bought so... why not share them a little more often!

I am currently in the hunt for a new do so while in the search I have come across some lovely do's that I think are defiantly a go!!!

Long Hair:

This is a long cut with textured layers with split bangs. The color is a warm brown with carmel highlights. I love this because the layers add volume to the normal straight long cut and the highlights add extra dimension it's a fun look and just adding the layers and few highlights will make your regular look feel updated and modern.
Just a note those of you who have had bangs and have decided to grow them out the split bang is a great way to go during the process.

Medium Hair:

Ok now this cut is a bob with some curl at the bottom. But the color WOW I love this and I know it's obvious it's not for everyone but... it is GORGEOUS and so fun especially for those pale blue eyed girls! I would die for this and the combo with the bob and the color is WONDERFUL it's like the bob is retro while the red keeps it feeling modern.


I love the the pixie!!! This one particular is a bit longer and looks like it is brushed over to the one side. I really think you have to have a certain confidence to pull off a pixie but... it is a beautiful thing! I would totally have a pixie if I was daring enough!

Up do:

I love the pony especially this one! The front and top have tons of volume while the back is smooth and gently curled right into place! I love that you could wear this to work then go out as well it's a fun retro inspired look and super easy that is the key word here EASY!

In my previous post I talked about some upcoming fall makeup, one of which was a lipstick by hourglass. Well I gave in and bought it, the UPS man delivered it today, and it is LOVE!!! The color is just as described, it's a rich berry color and it went on so smoothly. The bottle is super pretty and apparently the case is refillable so I think that's exciting when I run out I can get that color again or try something new?! This was my first purchase from hourglass it was fast delivery and I am so excited to try more products from them.
Here's a link to their website:

I have always liked Sara Barielles but I really am looking forward to her new CD! I have only heard 2 songs from the CD: King of Anything which I really like but.. last week on Twitter she released this gem:
This song is AMAZING and this is the kind of music that moves me and I know that sounds so weird but I LOVE music this song makes me so excited to heard what else she has done. The 2songs I have heard are different from her previous CD and I think it is going to be so awesome. Her CD Kaleidoscope Heart is expected to come out 09/07/10. So... run out and get it when it comes out it is going to be a great one.

Quick Favorites:
Polish: Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous
Music: Steve Moakler


  1. Don't show me the lipstick. I will want it. lol.

  2. Thanks for reading my blog and I will try not to show you but it is wonderful!

  3. Thanks ma'am. I love your blog!