Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Marina and the Diamonds

OK I am in LOVE with this album Marina and the Diamonds is one of the funnest Cd's to come out in a while!!! The CD is FABULOUS it is new and refreshing and each song is very catchy you will seriously want to just dance and move to the whole CD.
This is the type of CD that you will either love or hate I don't really think there is an in between but I truly think it is magical!
Marina's voice is so unique and she has an incredible range!!!
I downloaded I am Not a Robot when it was a free song on Itunes and was hooked so I went and sampled the rest of the CD and had to have it and you seriously have to get it as well!
Some of my favorites of the album include:
Are you Satisfied
I am Not a Robot
Oh No!

Even if you don't want to purchase this album at least go listen so you can hear how fun this CD is!!!

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