Monday, August 16, 2010


One of my favorite magazines is InStyle and I love their website too it is easy access and totally keeps me up to date on what is to come and what is currently "InStyle" :)

I was reading through the website today and found some great and fun tips for what's happening in fall and what will be in.

Falls Easiest Hair Styles:,,20409310_20405488,00.html

I think the hair is AWESOME so easy and no fuss @ all I love this!!!
I love the undone Chignon I so can't do it because my hair is short but... I love the Chignon!
I love the Retro-Inspired Ponytail I think it looks BEAUTIFUL... now I am a pony girl and somehow they have made it look so elegant ahh... I love love love it!
Last you can never go wrong w/ soft, bouncy curls and I really think short or long you can pulls this look off.

Shades to Wear:,,20409308_20409193,00.html

So... it's no secret I LOVE makeup and seriously as I was going through each section I wanted everything I wanted @ least one thing from each section that they suggest.
But... I will just review the things I really really want from the berry lips section I want the Hourglass Femme Rouge Lipstick in Nocturnal I have been wanting to try a product from Hourglass for so long and this product may be it, I have heard a lot of great things about this brand and this particular lipstick has gotten a lot of great reviews the lipstick is 30.00 though so, that is my only dilemma that is kind of a lot for lipstick. Next I want to try Tarina Tarantino's Magic Hour Smudge Pen in Jet this goes along with the heavy black eyeliner section I think this product looks so awesome I am definitely going to try it out... super EXCITED. Last item I want to get goes along with the mixed metal eyes and I want to get the Urban Decay Naked Palette I have been wanting this for several months but... this just confirms I need it really hehe!

The Bargains You Need to Have:,,20409313_20401655,00.html

This is a great link and has some fun stuff such as: Le Metier De Béaute Nail Lacquer, Living Proof Full Shampoo & Conditioner- this shampoo and conditioner looks awesome it's supposed to help fine limp hair seem more full and not look so stringy and they are only 10.00 each that is an awesome deal!!! I love a good shimmer and they showed these Target Shimmer Highlight Duo for 15.00 I may have to indulge in one of these, this looked like a great alternative to the Urban Decay pallet: Pop Beauty Naked Smolder Eyeshadow Palette for 10.00 so... it is a great deal! Just to name a few!

And here are some other fun links to check out:

Top 10 Haircuts and Color for Now:,,20409310_20405703,00.html

2 Tone Makeup: Try it Now:,,20409308_20407578,00.html

Perfect Foundation For Any Age:,,20409308_20408973,00.html

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